Have you

Have you fucked me in your dreams?
Felt my eyes delight upon your nakedness?
my fingers surveying velvety curves?
my lips on taut nipples?
my tongue tasting syrupy pink?
my hand flush and thunderous on your ass?
my thrusts hailing downward?
penetrating far inside?
as you cum, again and again
immeasurable contractions
leaving you gasping and panting
and ready for more?
Have you fucked me in your dreams?

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Harvest Moon

you glow like the light of the harvest moon
soft golden rays to fill my starry heart

your sweet breath teases my naked skin
so warm and moist like a southern breeze

your scent the perfume of night blooming flowers
your taste salty and tangy like the warm sea air

your body trembles at my slightest touch
a willow tree, shook by the lusty wind

your mossy rise is so dewy and inviting,
softly, and seductively, it calls out me…

to kneel and taste your secret delights
lost in a vortex of your endless desire

as the harvest moon looms overhead
and bathes our flesh in its soothing light

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A Welder

A welder knows his metals
And I a welder be
And a welder knows a welder
When a welder he does see

Though your metal was soft and supple
Still untempered yet
And me of metal hard and stainless
Until those metals met

The welding of those metals
And the sparks that surely fly
Create the stars like fireworks
That truly filled the sky

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Kiss the words from my mouth again

I want to kiss the words from your mouth
my poet,
pierce the crease of imagination
my artist,
slip past timid inhibition, releasing
through each famished pore
as much, or more
as I empty this brush over and over,
quickly, rhythm and stroke.

Squeeze me, mold me –
slender fingers long with lust
hold me.

I will ooze through your eyes and
over nipples polished slick,
rich and thick with the scent of warm clay,
oils congealing on neck and chin.

Lift your beautiful arms again,
my easel,
spread your fingers,
hold my chest, a canvas,
press your pink into my skin,
and when we are done,
I will hang limp, lifeless, still
in some gallery.

But soon, desire wakens…

I want to kiss the words from your mouth
my poet,

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Deep Water

The moist air fills my nostrils
Eyes closed against the torrent
Taste washed away by the noise
As I sip the fountain of wet flesh

Silent murmurs elevate
My hands become the monologue
Fingers punctuating small celebrations
Lips kissing each unspoken word

This is liquidiciously you
Holding each essential breath
I dive into the shallow pools and play
Watching as you slowly drift

Droplets feed our saline thirst
Wet bodies meld enthused
Flowing into one moment
Splashes in the puddles of our youth

My gaze awakens your soft warm smile
Safe and secure within your room
The westerly breeze cools the evening heat
And caresses your breasts without shame

This moment is all I can bare
Beholden and wanting
Roused passions played
And wild ambitions met
Until another day

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Sensual Massage

Warming up the oil
I slowly spread on your feet
Working out the toil
And pain from all you meet.

Rising slowly up calves and thighs
Easing tension as I go
Bringing ohs, ahs, and sighs
Causing pleasures there to flow.

All along your arms and back
Working out the knots and pain
Rising slowly up your neck
Fingers run thru scalp and mane

Turning you I gently kiss
Lips so beautiful and soft
Then move to areas missed
Again the feet that run so oft

Up the calves and thighs we go
Ever rising to that special place
Moving past to chest we flow
Round the shoulders then the face

Now the pain and suffering’s left
And the stress has gone from her
Joy, contentment, love, and rest
Causing her to stretch and purr

Time now to shower her with kisses
Over all that beautiful face
Lower down to places missed
As she arches to keep the pace.

Now she lies in complete enthrall
Satisfied through body and soul
For her lover has poured his all
Into her pleasure pool

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night, blue light, moon through trees
i lie curled in the grass
the rain begins
softly teasing
light drops upon my naked skin
warming me, bringing me closer to the stars
rain strengthens
sharp pattering upon my back and legs
heating me, bringing me closer to the clouds
and stronger still
i am lost in the thundering wind
the raindrops whipping now, stinging my back
yet caressing my face
bringing me closer to the air
spinning me inside myself
my wrists wrapped in stars
my neck collared in clouds
and my mind flowing freely into the rain
now it slows
it comforts me
lays me down softly in the arms of the earth
to sleep
to dream
while it waits to rain again

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