Episode 1: Beavers – A new beginning

In the beginning there was the dam.  A wonderfully designed structure, made on shore, and pulled into the water, it was built strong enough to hold the river back once it sunk to the bottom of the water.  Many stories tall, it was large enough for all to live in.  But it would not last forever.  One day the dam broke, and the beavers were left with nothing.

They had to rebuild.  They knew their dam would not last forever, but they were unprepared.  They had no wood, and there were few among them who remembered  how to build.

The ones who knew what to do led everyone else.  Some beavers went into the woods to collect wood, others cleared the debris from the old dam.  Everyone had a job to do.

While they worked on the dam, they had nowhere to live.  They used to live in the old dam.  When it broke they were all homeless.  With no shelter, they were forced to sleep in the forest.  They had never slept anywhere other than the dam, so their first night in the woods was frightening.  They were not used to the sounds from all the other animals.

The next morning they started working again.  They would have to work for several months to complete their project.  They would build the new dam stronger and larger than the last.

Everyone was upset over the loss of the dam, but they knew they would appreciate the new one even more, because they were building it themselves.  They would enjoy this dam more than the old one, for this one would truly be theirs.

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