Episode 2: The Gopher Menace

In a nearby forest, the gophers waited patiently for the beavers to finish the dam.  The gophers hated the beavers, and they were planning to destroy the dam when the beavers were finished.

Finally the gophers could wait no longer.  They decided to destroy the dam long before the beavers’ work was done.  They were planning on knocking out the dam the next day.

Back at the dam, the beavers continued their long task.  Everyone was learning how to build, so the project was moving along much quicker than they thought.  There was still much work to be done, having just finished the foundation.

The beavers had just returned from gathering wood when they heard the gophers approaching.  They quickly decided to hide from their enemies in the woods.  They watched as the gophers quietly began their plan of pulling apart the dam’s foundation.  When they started pulling the foundation apart, they found themselves being dragged downriver, bowled over by the now moving foundation.  The foundation had easily given way.

In starting the dam, the beavers had planned on the gopher attack.  They had built a second foundation on top of the real one, hoping that the gophers would drag this decoy foundation away if they tried to destroy the beavers’ hard work.  Their plan had apparently worked, with one glitch.  There was a rope connecting the two foundation sections.  The rope was made to break once the fake foundation slid, but it was too strong and held fast as the decoy foundation slid downriver.  As the gophers slowly swam out from under the foundation, and climbed aboard, they beavers ran out to the dam, hoping to sever the rope before the gophers could use it to climb back on land.  One made it just in time.

As the foundation started sliding, the gophers realized they had been tricked.  They tried to push the floating foundation ashore, but they had no luck.  They would have to float on their raft until it ran aground on its own.  Down the river they hoped the passage would narrow, and that there, they may have a chance.

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