Episode 3: Shadows of the Dam

The beavers were finally beginning to see the dam taking shape.  After they sent the gophers on their trip down the river, they began working harder.  Their only enemies were on a journey to the ocean, so there was no real reason for them to be worried.  They would have no more problems, unless the gophers returned.

The gophers were starting to notice the river getting narrower.   The foundation would soon touch ground again.  They were starved because there was no food for them to eat.  They were tired because it was hard to sleep as they floated down the river.  And they were mad.  They were trying to trick the beavers, but instead the beavers tricked them.  They did not expect the beavers to do anything.  The gophers had thought the beavers were stupid, but they now realized that they were wrong.  But they would not let the beavers out-smart them.  No, they weren’t going to let the beavers win.  They had a plan.

The beavers were finishing the last wall of the dam.  All they had left was the top.  When they built the last wall, they decided to take a day to relax before they finished the last part of the dam.  They were happy with how the dam had gone together so easily with no interference from the gophers.

When the beavers woke up the next morning, they decided to have a party.  They were nearly done, and thought they needed to celebrate.  They were happy to be almost finished, and they were also glad to have finally shown the gophers that they were willing to fight.

The foundation touched ground at night, shaking all the gophers.  When they realized what had happened, they all ran to the ground, afraid the foundation might move, and slide back into the river.  They eagerly ate all the food they could find.  When they were full, they slept in the forest.  The next day they would walk back toward the beavers’ dam.  This time the beavers would not be so lucky.  This time the beavers would pay…

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