Gravity Fields

Gravity fields, positive-, null-, and anti-gravity, are now fully reliable.  These technologies are driven primarily by cable and satellite news networks.  It was quickly discovered that the spin put on the “news” by cable networks was more than sufficient to create a positive gravity field.  MSNBC’s spin alone was enough to create a gravity field similar to that of Earth.

Fox News was similarly responsible for null gravity.  The “No-Spin” atmosphere counteracted the amount of actual spin contained therein in such a manner that null-gravity was continuously held stable.

Anti-Gravity was created out of a combination of the spin of all news networks and humanity’s lack of tolerance for bullshit.  Once a high level of spin was maintained in the universe, the intolerable toll on humans started to show.  Humanity rebelled against the spin put out by all sides of all issues, and a universal cry of “Bullshit” was launched.  This, of course, was not heard outside of planetary atmosphere, due to space.  (It turns out no one can hear you scream, even if it is in tandem with the rest of humanity.)  The cries from humanity proved to be much stronger than the spin of cable news, thereby repelling all actual information away from said news networks.  Thus was the anti-gravity field born.

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