Blue Droppings

Once upon a time there was a pink canary named Suede who had a dog for a friend.  Suede was rather large for a canary – 15 inches tall.  The dog, Vienderschnitzle, was five feet long and ten inches tall.  You might think these two made a strange pair of friends, and you’d probably be right, but they were inseparable.

The odd thing about them, and the thing that most united them, was that neither could see any colors but blue.  Because of this, they only ate blue things because they looked different from the black and white of everything else.  Suede loved blueberries, while Vienderschnitzle preferred bleu cheese (oddly enough, though it wasn’t blue, they could still see bleu cheese), but they would eat anything blue.  They loved blue food.

There were a few problems for the pair, though.  First, as George Carlin so concisely said, “There is no blue food.”  There is some, but not a lot, so they didn’t always get a lot to eat.  Second, since all they ate was blue food, when they went to the bathroom, it was always blue.  Everyone could tell when they were around, because they left blue droppings everywhere.

One day they were going through a town they had

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