Untitled for now…

An embrace
A stroke of the cheek
You gasp, moan softly
I shiver, your sound reverberating through me
We bury our faces in each other’s necks
Nuzzling, kissing, breathing, gasping
Slowly, kissing my way down your neck
Back stiffening, you moan more loudly
Suddenly you pull my head up
Up, toward yours
A kiss,
Hungrily, strongly, we get lost in each other
We pause, relief and tension mixing equally
Breathless, neither of us able to speak, to move
Slowly, carefully, we embrace again
I kiss your neck
Yearning to hear your moan again
I tremble, breathless, as you moan louder
I kiss your forehead, your cheek,
Finally, again, your lips
Forcefully you press against me
Back stiff, trembling, moaning
I pull you closer, getting lost in your passionate kiss

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