I wrote this one to my graduating class, in 2000. And I even had it read on the PA system on the last day of class…

We’ve spent the last four years together,
Been through worse times, been through better
It’s been fun, through all of it
Even though we’ve sometimes failed, or sometimes quit
We’ve been happy, we’ve been sad
We’ve been joyful, we’ve been mad
We’ve lost friends we’ll always remember
They’ll stay in our hearts forever
We’ve made friends and we’ve made foes
Where will we end up?  No one knows
We thought this time would never end
But now we’re women, now we’re men
Not that the years have come and gone
We know our friendships will go on
We’ll get our caps, we’ll get our gowns
We’ll all move on, we’ll leave this town
We’ve had fun these past four years
To the class of 2000, good luck and cheers!

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