Anime Eyes

When I was a child, so long ago
I dreamed of many things
Of pirates on the Spanish Main
Of castles and of kings

I dreamed some day I would be a man
Who was brave, and strong, and true
I dreamed that in the years to come
I might find someone like you.

Someone to share her life with me
A lover and a friend.
Together through the storms of life
Until the very end.

Through those young days of green and gold
Through the happiness and the sorrow
That was the charm I held in my hand
The dream of our tomorrow

The dream had almost faded
When you took me by surprise
I knew you when you smiled at me
With your beautiful anime eyes

You were the companion of my heart
In those far-off childhood times
You were the one who was in my dreams
And made poetry of my rhymes

We turn the pages together now
Watching the tale unfold
Castles and kings, and magical things
Are waiting to be told

Will the princess one day marry her prince,
Can dreams and love survive?
Will they find their moment or sadly end
Their lives under separate skies?

Whatever may come, I promise you this
A simple truth beyond lies
On my last day on earth I’ll think of you
And your beautiful anime eyes

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