I can feel your skin.
Soft, like rose petals.

Running my fingers up your spine.
Looking into your eyes.

I can see your soul.
I can feel your dreams.

Our lips touch.
My world explodes.

Your kiss.
It makes me alive.

My hand travels up to your neck.
I feel your pulse.

My heart has no beat.
It stopped the moment you looked at me.

Still, I am more alive with you than I have ever been.
How did I ever breathe before you?

Will I still breathe when you leave?
Will life matter at that point?

I trace your body with my finger tips.
I have memorized it.

Every curve.
A road to heaven in my heart.

This moment in time is perfect.
That is all that matters right now.

Tomorrow may come,
But tonight will last forever.

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