Eye in eye,
lips brushing
Tongues dancing
Bodies swaying together
The warmth of silence would leave words useless
As we dive into tenderness and naughtiness
A muse I could use
in every way
enjoying the thoughts of feeling her shiver against me
With me
For me

shivers down my spine
caressing your neck
moaning and sighing
“a muse I may be
but a satyr you are
enticing my playful nymph spirit
can you feel my body sway..
for you”

I can feel you move
I can feel your swaying
I would love to follow your groove
As the words are fading

My little nymph
Ma petite chatte
What word ends in “ymph”
Any ideas about that?

A muse that is so playful
A presence that makes me shiver
How I wish you could feel my desire
so warm, hard and powerful

place your hands on my hips
feel my body
as the shivers lead me

a heart of its own rhythm
a nymph in need of a satyr’s charm
can you help me find our groove

feel my electricity transpose
you are dancing to the music
only a muse can hear

Erotic poetic
Electric music
Move to the groove
kiss until bliss

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