Might As Well

As long as everyone thinks this is more than an innocent meeting of kindred spirits,
I might as well kiss you, right?
What do you think?
Those lips have been calling my name for weeks.

As long as everyone thinks I make love to you night after night,
I might as well come over tonight,
Lay you down,
Turn off all the lights,
Light a couple candles and
Kiss every inch of your silky skin.
Feeling your heartbeat against my cheek,
Feeling you tighten against my fingers,
Losing all control as your pleasured breath grazes my ear eagerly…
That would really show them.

As long as everyone has decided that we’ve fallen,
Hold my hand when no one’s looking,
Kiss me in the pouring rain tonight,
Dream about me when you fall asleep.
We both know we’re not ready for anything more,
But as long as everyone’s saying we’re in love,
Baby, let’s make it.

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