She has just gotten out of the shower
She’s wearing only a towel
She turns on some music

She lays down on the bed and
Waits for him to get home.
She opens the towel up
And begins to run her hands up
And down her body, slowly.

She massages her breasts, squeezing them
She moves her hands down over her stomach
To her freshly shaved pussy, she begins to stroke
her clit.

She strokes herself faster and harder
Arching her back, she moans his name.
She moves her hand down and slides
Two fingers inside.
She starts riding them hard and fast.
She moans and groans.

Reaching for her toy with her free hand
She places it on her clit
She turns it on full speed.
She moans louder than before.
Her clit is oh so sensitive

She continues riding her fingers and toy.
She’s so wet, she can feel it drip down between
Her thighs.

She can’t wait for him to get home now!
But, she so wants to give herself this orgasm
She moves her toy faster, faster, faster
Thrusting her fingers hard and fast inside of her
She arches her back and comes all over her fingers.

She pulls them out and turns off her toy.
She rolls over onto her side and waits for him
With a serene smile on her face.

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