I know like the earth awaiting the rising sun
like the spring’s patience for winters thaw
like a calm day knows the wind will blow again
that together, we have been before.

Perhaps I played piano for you in Louis’s court
or read you a sonnet next to the moonlit Seine.
We played in Rome,
making passionate love in its temples,
the Gods themselves jealous of our zeal.

My soul knows yours.
Like a familiar face in a crowd,
or the smell of mom’s cooking.
That box of letters,
cherished always
hidden inside a desk drawer.

Yes, we swam in the islands,
laughing with flowers in our hair.
And kissed in the forest,
near our cottage in the Urwarld.
Perhaps we even gnawed the same bone
in a cave with stick creatures adorning the walls.

Always staring into each others eyes,
though the colors might change.

I yearn for you in this life,
and wonder where you might be.

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