Spent, Left for Dead

“Goddammit guys, keep moving, I can see a safe room up ahead!” Nick was still limping pretty badly from the last Boomer horde, but he was moving. Coach was taking point, and seemed to have something in the sight of his sniper rifle. Rochelle was last in the line, trying to cover Ellis as he dragged his bruised body along. “Whatcha aiming at, Coach?” Nick asked, trying to see over the broken fence.

“Looks like I’ve got a clear shot at a witch, just trying to decide if I can get her in one shot. Don’t want her pissed off, just want her dead. Not sure you or Ellis could survive another attack. Well, you might, but Ellis’ll buy it for sure if we get mobbed.” Coach took one more look in the sight, and lowered the weapon. “Not this time. I can’t stand that damn crying though. Why do they always have to cry like that? Drives me nuts.”

“I know what you mean, Coach. That sound just gets to you after a while, doesn’t it?” Nick shivered, still hearing the distant sobs.

Coach barely nodded his head, looking back to check on Ellis and Rochelle. “Let’s get on with it guys, we’re almost there. I know you’re hurtin’ Ellis, but you gotta keep moving.”

“I’m comin’, I’m comin’. Them sons-a-bitches ain’t killed me yet.” Ellis gasped as the bullet hole in his leg sent pain streaking up his back. “I’da been ahead of ya’ll if Nick wouldn’a shot me. Fuck.”

Nick cringed, “Sorry Ellis, but you ran right in front of the damn tank. What was I supposed to do? Either keep shooting or he’d have gotten you and you’d be a lot worse off. Besides, we’ll get you patched up soon.”

“Look, everybody just shut. The. Fuck. Up. This ain’t what any of us want to be doing right now, and this ain’t where any of us want to be. So quit fighting with each other, we got enough bullshit to put up with already. Isn’t it enough to just not get killed by these goddamned zombies?” Rochelle piped up, finally having enough of the banter.

“Shit, Roche, we’re just playin’. Nick knows I ain’t mad at him, just hurts right now, that’s all.” Ellis began to walk noticeably faster, knowing Rochelle’s patience was growing thin.

“OK, everyone’s in, close it Coach!” Rochelle yelled as she and Ellis clear the doorway.

They had seen enough safe rooms in the last week. Small, cramped, nearly empty shelves with very few supplies. This was different. This was a safe house. Rooms, untarnished by the war outside, with beds. Shelves of first aid kits, an arsenal of guns, more ammunition than any of them had ever seen. And food. A fully stocked kitchen. They could hear the low hum of the generator powering this wonderful place. This was more than they could have ever dreamed.

“Well now, ain’t this cozy” Coach said as they began surveying their oasis. Once they had all tended their wounds, he continued. “All right, here’s the deal. We all need sleep, and that’s first. You’re going upstairs Ellis, no way those motherfuckers can get up to the second floor from outside, and you need to rest up. They’ll have to get through us to get up to you, and we ain’t gonna let that happen. Rochelle, why don’t you take a room upstairs too, keep an eye on him. Nick, we’ll stay down here, make sure nothing gets in.”

“I ain’t gonna argue with you Coach, but I don’t feel right ya’ll treatin’ me special ’cause I’m hurt.” Ellis said as he slowly climbed the stairs.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on him this whole time. Somebody’s gotta watch that boy. Still can’t believe he hasn’t gotten killed yet.” Rochelle followed Ellis up the steps.

“Coach, it’s a damn good thing you took charge here. We’d have probably made ourselves sick on all this food, and wouldn’t have gotten a minute’s rest. Thank you for keeping us in line. And I’m sorry. About that crack I made in the stairway? I didn’t me-” Nick was cut off as Coach pushed him back into a wall.

“Look Nick, I get it. Scared, frustrated, and my slow ass taking forever to hump up those stairs. You wanna make it up to me?” Coach quickly unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. “Suck my dick. And yes, it is made of chocolate.” Coach backed up from Nick, letting him know the push against the wall was meant to tease. “I’ve seen the way you look at me, same way I look at you. And we both know it’s been way too fucking long in this hellhole without anything good happening for any of us. Let’s quit fucking around and start fuckin’ around.”

Nick looked down at Coach’s boxers, already seeing the excitement growing within. “I didn’t think you’d noticed, Coach, but yeah, I’ve been wanting you since the hotel. If it wasn’t for everything else going on then, I’d have gone for you in one of those rooms. And since you asked-” Nick reached out, slowly lowering Coach’s boxers. “I think I will. I have a taste for chocolate.”

Nick knelt down in front of Coach, carefully flicking his tongue around the tip of Coach’s growing enthusiasm. Coach gasped lightly, “Goddamn, you sure know how to start, don’t you? Think maybe you’ve had some practice.”

“Maybe a few times.” Nick admitted, before sliding Coach into his mouth. With expert precision, Nick quickly found the throbbing vein in Coach’s large shaft and began tracing it up and down the entire length with his tongue.

Coach moaned loudly, ready to explode. “Fuck me sideways man, you really are good. I’m about ready to bust already.”

Nick backed away, teasing once more with his tongue. “Well we can’t go that quickly now, can we. It’s been a while, don’t want this one to go too fast.” Nick removed his coat, throwing it on the floor near Coach’s pants. He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a chiseled chest, glistening with sweat from the short yet lively workout he’d just had. He dropped his pants, tossing them among the rest of their discarded clothes. “I think I’ll wait a little while until you calm down some. I might have to help myse-”

Coach cut off his words, and grabbed the hand that Nick was quickly moving toward his own boxers. “I think I’ll take care of that, can’t let you do all the work.” He pulled Nick’s tip through the slit in his boxers, circling the tip with his tongue. “I’ve done this a few times myself too. If you want me to stop, let me know. But if you want to pop, go right ahead. Been thinking about doing this for a while too.” He began sliding his lips down Nick’s shaft until he was touching the back of Coach’s throat. Coach kept sliding his mouth up and down, up and down, until he felt Nick tense up and knew he was about to come. He quickly pulled himself away from Nick and let Nick explode, showering the counter.

“God, Coach, you are good. I haven’t come like that in years.” Nick let himself catch his breath, then turned back to Coach. “OK, are you ready again?”

“Heh, I think you can see that I am.” Coach answered hungrily.

Nick again slid Coach all the way into his mouth, touching the back of his tongue. Licking the again throbbing vein, Nick slowly slid his lips up and down the length of Coach’s pulsing manhood.

Within minutes, Coach reached down and grabbed Nick’s hair. “I’m coming, oh goddamn man, I’m coming.”

Nick kept pumping furiously with his mouth, hungrily lapping up everything Coach had in him. When he was finished, Coach – legs trembling – fell back toward the counter. Bracing himself with both hands, he looked down to Nick, who was starting to stand up. “I haven’t come that hard in years either. Good thing we’re both pretty good at working with tools. You up for some more?”

Nick, wiping the sweat from his face, nodded forcefully. “What’d you have in mind?”

“You got an awfully nice ass, for a skinny fucker. Mind if I get a better look at it?” Coach asked with a grin.

Nick finally added his boxers to the laundry pile and bent down in front of Coach. “Like this? What do you think?”

“I think I might have to check a little closer.” Coach reached down and put one hand on each side of Nick. He gently pulled Nick closer to him, as he thrust himself forward into Nick. Nick gasped for the briefest of moments, and began thrusting himself backward to Coach. Coach groaned loudly and moved one hand to Nick’s back. “Damn, you fuck like a champ.” He continued groaning more loudly each time.


Ellis woke suddenly, sure he heard grunting coming from downstairs. He hobbled out the door quietly, and opened the door to Rochelle’s room. “Hey, Roche, wake up. I think they might have gotten inside.” Rochelle sat bolt upright in bed, pistols drawn and aimed at Ellis. “Hey, watch it, I’m the good guy, remember?”

Rochelle let her arms drop to her sides, slowly stood and walked toward Ellis. “OK, what’s going on? You see something? They get Coach and Nick?”

“I don’t know, just heard their goddamn grunting comin’ from downstairs. Haven’t checked yet, didn’t want to without lettin’ you know. Let’s go.” Ellis was walking fine now, adrenaline fixing what remained of his injuries.

“‘K, let’s get going. I’m full, you loaded too?” Rochelle thumbed the safety off on both guns.

“Yep, I’m good. Let’s be quiet, ‘case those fuckers are in the mood to run.” Ellis led the way slowly down the stairs. There was a soft light coming from the kitchen. The grunting was louder now, but it didn’t sound monstrous, it sounded more thoughtful. More human.

“Let me go around you, I’m smaller and faster. I’ll peek in and see what’s in there.” Rochelle moved past Ellis swiftly, snuck around the corner and quietly gasped in shock. She returned to Ellis. “Well I’ll be goddamned. They’re fucking.”

Ellis looked horrified. “The zombies? Didn’t know they could still do that!”

“No you ass backwards bastard! Coach and Nick!” Rochelle was exasperated.

“Coach and Nick are zombies now? Shit.” Ellis slumped down on the stairs.

“It’s awful damn lucky you’re pretty you stupid son of a bitch. No, they’re not zombies, but they’re fucking like crazy. And you know, that ain’t a half bad idea.” Rochelle pulled her pink blouse over her head swiftly. “You interested?”

Ellis, realizing his companions were safe after all, looked up at Rochelle. noticing for the first time how hot she looked. “Hell yeah I’m interested. Haven’t had anything going on there since they all showed up.” He reached up, removed her bra, and slowly began massaging her breasts. He gently kissed her neck.

She grabbed his ears and drove his mouth toward hers, kissing him deeply. “Get those clothes off. Can’t do anything if you’re still in your shitkicker boots.” She reached down, opened his belt and removed his pants. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it over the railing. Rochelle quickly unzipped her pants and kicked them to the bottom of the stairs. “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me like you’ve never fucked before.”

Ellis gladly complied, pulling Rochelle down the stairs toward the dining room table. He pushed her down on the table, climbing on top of her. He held down her hands, and she moaned quietly. He entered her, slowly at first, waiting to hear her moan. When she did, he began thrusting fervently. “Oh god! YES! You’re so fucking wet already! You like that?”

“Fuck me faster you bastard, faster! OH GOD YESSS!!!!!” Rochelle came, loudly, at the same time Ellis did. Ellis collapsed on top of her, and began teasing her nipples with his tongue. Rochelle was panting, moaning, and writhing. “Mmmmmmm, yeah, that’ll do.”


Coach was about to explode. Nick was hammering back against him so fast and so forcefully he couldn’t wait any longer. “Oh god! I’m coming!” He pulled himself out of Nick and instantly shot a hot thick stream onto Nick’s back. “Damn, and I thought you were a good suck, you’re an even better fuck.”

Nick grinned, and smacked Coach’s ass. “You’ve got a pretty great ass yourself. Mind?”

Coach smiled, turned around and bent down. “Waiting for you to ask, you’d better.”

Nick inserted himself into Coach, and couldn’t believe how close he already was to an orgasm. Coach’s pounding of him had turned him on more than he realized. He thrust himself furiously into Coach again and again and again until he couldn’t hold out any more. With one final thrust, he came, covering Coach’s ass with what little was left inside him after the amazing job Coach had done earlier.


Coach and Nick dressed quickly, smiling at each other. Coach opened the refrigerator and got out the makings of a sandwich. “Hungry Nick?”

Nick nodded, and helped carry food over to the kitchen table. They were both surprised to see Ellis and Rochelle, slowly coming around the corner into the kitchen. “Everything all right?” Nick asked.

Rochelle nodded, and elbowed Ellis to keep him quiet. “Yep, everything’s fine here. Just felt a little hungry, that’s all.”

And they ate, feeling spent, and left for dead.

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