Directions for use:

Remove plastic. Place candle on an inflammable surface. Light wick with match or
lighter. If using a match- wet or discard in an inflammable receptacle. Turn out all
incandescent and fluorescent lights and gaze into lovers eyes while eating chicken parmesan
and sipping soda. Take note of how different your lover looks in natural light.


Never leave candle unattended. Candlelight may cause you to see highlights and
contours of your lovers face that you may not have noticed before. If this occurs
compliment lover and blink. Always exstinguish flame when not in use.

Always keep wick trimmed to 1/4” to avoid the risk of fire. Lighting more than one
candle at a time may produce amounts of heat which; coupled with burning passion,
combined body heat, or hot situations, may create a sensation much like spontanious
combustion. If spontanious combustion seems a possible risk a walk in the cool night air
or a skinny dip will relieve the syptoms. Extracurricular use of the candle wax is highly
discouraged if syptoms of spontanious combustion do not subside.

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