earth musty, beneath boughs forest green
fey sprites beseech laughingly
but a glimpse waving ferns to speak
of passage slight
of hand out
of reach

wind borne, sirens lament throes
in worship kneeled fore treasured troves
hand gropes blindly rudderless
dashed on rock
in violent

fire beckons, imps cavort with glee
night caverns glisten yearning deep
dark storm a twirl forbidden winds
in capering dance

water flows, fair nyads song
desires forgotten body longs for
urgent touch in tumbling greed
of tarnished silver

spirit unbound, sighs release
in soul unfettered lasting peace
in lust nor temporary need
found song of heart
which mind does

mythical creatures alluring staid
tween heaven and earth an endless play
yet bound to disappear
of lofty realms
in sight is

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