I love how your arms
Feel around me.
Your skin on my skin.
The quiver I get as my
Lips brush yours.
I’ve never felt a desire
Like this before.
Deep in my chest.
The need to hold you,
Love you, be loved by you,
Be near you, be everything
I can possibly be for you.

You draw me into you
With every look from
Those magnetic blue eyes.
The taste of you lingering
On my lips, just teasing
Me, tempting me to come
To you.

I feel so grounded,
Yet I’m flying, soaring,
Lifted up by your love.
The clarity of my emotions.
The lack of chaos and
Confusion, propells me to
A new level of conciousness.
One where all I need is
The bliss of hearing my
Name pass through your
Lips, the calm I feel from
Gazing into your eyes, the
Passion of your hand in

There are no words for it.
It’s not a feeling or a
State of mind. It just IS.
Perfection, Beauty, Grace.
Something Divine.

It has taken me over,
Flooded me with a calm
I never could have
Dreamed of.

Now as you lay beside me,
Sleeping so serenely, all
I want and need is
To be back in the
Comfort of your arms.
To drift off into oblivious
Slumber, hearing nothing
But the rhythmic beat
Of your heart.

Love is the only word
I know to describe it, but
It falls far short of
What this truly is.

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