Deep Water

The moist air fills my nostrils
Eyes closed against the torrent
Taste washed away by the noise
As I sip the fountain of wet flesh

Silent murmurs elevate
My hands become the monologue
Fingers punctuating small celebrations
Lips kissing each unspoken word

This is liquidiciously you
Holding each essential breath
I dive into the shallow pools and play
Watching as you slowly drift

Droplets feed our saline thirst
Wet bodies meld enthused
Flowing into one moment
Splashes in the puddles of our youth

My gaze awakens your soft warm smile
Safe and secure within your room
The westerly breeze cools the evening heat
And caresses your breasts without shame

This moment is all I can bare
Beholden and wanting
Roused passions played
And wild ambitions met
Until another day

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