Sensual Massage

Warming up the oil
I slowly spread on your feet
Working out the toil
And pain from all you meet.

Rising slowly up calves and thighs
Easing tension as I go
Bringing ohs, ahs, and sighs
Causing pleasures there to flow.

All along your arms and back
Working out the knots and pain
Rising slowly up your neck
Fingers run thru scalp and mane

Turning you I gently kiss
Lips so beautiful and soft
Then move to areas missed
Again the feet that run so oft

Up the calves and thighs we go
Ever rising to that special place
Moving past to chest we flow
Round the shoulders then the face

Now the pain and suffering’s left
And the stress has gone from her
Joy, contentment, love, and rest
Causing her to stretch and purr

Time now to shower her with kisses
Over all that beautiful face
Lower down to places missed
As she arches to keep the pace.

Now she lies in complete enthrall
Satisfied through body and soul
For her lover has poured his all
Into her pleasure pool

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