Storm, the first

As the fire slowly dies
Our passion gradually grows

Darkness closes in
The night wild and alive

Finally the embers cool
As our desires flare

Wind through the trees
An embrace against the chill

Sounds of the night
Overidden by a pounding heart

The rising full moon
Illuminates a tender kiss

A howl in the distance
Rivals a moan of passion

A sprinkle of rain

Tree branches brush together
Hands exploring flesh

Cool grass, hard ground
Hot skin, hard bodies

Clouds part, stars shine
Opening ourselves

A single lighting bolt
Initial surprise and discomfort

A gentle roll of thunder
The slow exploration

Bodies grow accustomed to each other
The calm before the storm

The first gentle raindrops
A few tentative movements

Gradually the rain begins to pour
Our bodies lost in each other

The intensity of our pleasure
Matches the pounding rain

The storm crashes around us
As we crash into each other

Thunder rings with our cries
As we climax together

The sun rises over a damp mess
I awake in dew, happy and cleansed

The storm of our lovemaking
Still fresh in my mind

Your naked body beside me
A rainbow overhead

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